Industrial Logistics




Industrial Logistics: Origins, Evolution and Current Situation

The Word: Logistics

Logistics as New World


Military & Logistics

Origins in Military Manouevring

The Inventor of “Logistics” Word

Exporting “Logistics” in New World

Supplying Lines & Military Operations

Official NATO Definition

Moving Logistics in Industry

Logistics over 3000 Year Ago

Costs & Services in Logistics: UPS Point of View

Logistics and Money

Japoneise View on Supply Flow

Engineering Supply: Containers

Multimodal Traffic and Italy

Logistics & Outsourcing

Supplies & New Technologies

IT: Suppliers & Market Growth

Biggest Logistics Chain

Other Way: Different Looking to the Final Users

The Best .Com Retalier

Richest Man & Logistics Actors

Savona Industrial Origins of Supply Chain

Supply Chain vs Logistics?

Logistics vs. Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Logistics & Consulting

Consultant: Supply Chain & Service Perspective

Consulting for Logistics

Supports for Logistics

Offering Service for Logistics: Folklore & Results

World Material Import/Exports around the Crisis

World Trade around Year 2000

GDP New Millenium Evolution

World Export/Imports

Trade Major Actors among Countries

World Top 50

Container Traffic around 2000

Cargo Traffic Evoluation

Container Fleet: Operator & Evolution

Transportation Directions in USA

World Ports Top 50

Genoa Port Evolution

Genoa Trends

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