Exhibition Information

If you would like more information to take part in this exhibition please contact the Exhibits Chair Elisa Manetti for a price schedule and stand layout.
Equipment for multimedia presentations will be available in the exhibition area. If you are interested in making a poster presentation or a multimedia exhibit, please contact the Exhibits Chair.

The Exhibition includes:

Advanced Biotechnology Centre
Blue Sky Technology
IST, National Institute for Tumor Research
Liophant Simulation Club
Silicon Graphics
University of Genoa

The exhibition will be from Thursday, 24th October, from 9:00am to 6:30pm and from 8:30am to 6:30pm, in the other days of the Conference. Only participants with a badge, which will be issued at Exhibition Registration Desk, will be admitted.

The following Companies & Agencies attend to ESS'96: Advanced Biotechnology Center, Genoa, Italy Ansaldo Nuclear Division, Genova, Italy Ansaldo Ricerche, Genoa, Italy Ansaldo GIE, Genova, Italy Arcte SpA, Bologna, Italy Atificial Horizons Inc, USA Blue Sky Technology, Genoa, Italy. Boeing, Computer Services, Portland, USA CAE Electronics Ltd., St.Laurent, Canada CETENA, Genova, Italy Confitarma, Rome, Italy DigiPen Corp, Vancouver, Canada DSP, Manno, Switzerland EDF, Marseille Cedex, France ENEA, Rome, Italy ETRI, Taejon, Korea Ferrari Auto, Italy FINCANTIERI, Genoa, Italy Genoa Port Authority, Genoa, Italy Istituto Nazionale Ricerca sul Cancro, Genoa, Italy La Spezia Container Terminal, La Spezia, Italy Latvian Intelligent Systems Ltd., Riga, Latvia Logica Systems, UK Logixx Automation Inc., Lakewood, USA Marconi, Simulation & Training Centre, UK Mitsubishi, Amagasaki, Japan Paradigm, Milan, Italia Pervomaysk Sugar Plant, Odessa, Ukraine SC Omniworld, Bucharest, Romania Science Applications Int.Corporation, USA. SCS International, San Diego, CA, USA SESAM, Rome, Italy SET, Sistemi Elettronici e Telematici, Genova, Italy Siemens AG, Offenbach/Main, Germany SINTEF Automatic Controls, Trondheim, Norway Superscape, UK USL II, Savona, Italy US Army, USA Venice Water Authority, Venice, Italy

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