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Gateway to the Sea


Genoa comes from the Latin Janua ("gate"). What an attractive hypothesis, so redolent of mistery and promise !
A Gateway to the sea, to far horizons, exotic beaches, the fabulous markets of the Orient. A gate that also closes behind it a wealth of treasures: the arts, the history, society and culture, the ordinary men
and women who shaped the destiny of Genoa. Genoese, in a word, at sea and on land, within and beyond the gate, a surly folk rooted
in age-old traditions, loath to parade their possessions, yet more than ready to render what they receive.

On the eve of 2000, Genoa is consolidating its reputation as a top management centre, for several reason: apart from
the enviable climatic and environmental conditions, the location is well served by motorways and airlines and has excellent accomodation facilities including brand new hotels and country houses available for meetings.

The Genoa Harbour is one of the more important in the world and it's the core of the Genoa activities.
Some of the major attractions are the Aquarium, Opera House , Porta Soprana, the "Lanterna" and the rack railway to the "Righi".
Genoa is located just in the middle of "Riviera", near to Portofino, Nervi, Boccadasse, Sanremo and many other world famous locations.
The highway A10 connect directly Genoa to Savona, the second town of the area.

City Maps

Conference Centre Area
Genoa the Old City

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