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The Campus in Savona

Savona as New Simulation Research Centre

The University of Genoa is realizing a new campus in Savona about 2 km outside Downtown; bus services and large parking areas guarantee easy access.
That structure has been obtained transforming Army barracks; today the campus includes a big park with facilities such as tennis courts and sport grounds
The campus holds Dept. on Engineering and also Economical courses; new laboratories have been realized in Simulation, Logistics & Industrial Eng. (SAMS Project), Ecology and Chemical; so, now, many research activities are concentrated in the new Savona centre.
The campus is equipped with one of the most advanced system for teleconferencing. This provides a great support to manage common courses between Genoa and Savona facilities; further more, it is used on joint educational activities among Genoa, Parma and Milan Universities.
At same time, private companies rent these services to organize meetings and workshops with overseas partners.

The new campus is able, also, to provide accomodations to visiting professors and to foreign students.
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