HMS2000 Shuttle Bus

A bus shuttle service is provided by the organization from Genoa Airport to Portofino Kulm Hotel.
The present scheduled departures of the bus from Genoa Airport on October the 4th 2000 are:
a) 2:30 pm
b) 7:30 pm
c) 11:00 pm
This scheduled program can be modified on the convenience of the majority of Guests, so please fill up this module and send it back by Email to
or by fax to +39 019 97600
before September the 25th 2000. After that date it will be possible to see the definitive shuttle timetable on our web site.


First Name____________________________ Last Name_______________________________

Company Affiliation____________________________________________________________


City________________________ Zip Code_________ Country_________________________

Phone_____________________________ Fax_________________________________________

Email___________________________ N of persons coming to HMS 2000______________

Flight code ____________ Flight Company________________________________________

Scheduled Arrival time of the flight at Genoa Airport _________________________

I make my Reservation for ________ persons on the shuttle bus: a) 2:30 pm
b) 7:30 pm
c) 11:00 pm

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