Dr. Eberhard Blümel1, Prof. Dr. Leonid Novitski2, Prof. Dr. Yuri Merkuryev3 and Prof. Henrikas Praniavicius4

1 Department of Planning and Visualisation Techniques
Fraunhofer IFF
Sandtorstrasse 22, Magdeburg D-39106, Germany
3Department of Modelling and Simulation
Riga Technical University
Kalku str. 1, Riga LV-1658, Latvia
2 Department of Applied Informatics
Riga Technical University
Kalku str. 1, Riga LV-1658, Latvia
4 Department of Business Informatics
Kaunas University of Technology
Studentu str. 50, Kaunas 3058, Lithuania


Simulation model, information system, infological modelling, competence centre.


This paper is referring to the project BALTPORTS-IT funded by CEC under the IST Programme. The BALTPORTS-IT project focuses on the sub-regional activities within the Baltic Statesí Free Port Areas. The main attention is paid to the following two steps of the projectís approach: customisation of the results and dissemination of the experiences.


Dr Eberhard Bluemel, PhD

Eberhard Bluemel graduated from the Magdeburg Technical University in 1976 as a mathematician and received a Ph.D. in 1985 in natural sciences at the same university. Now he is the head of the department of Planning - and Visualisation - Techniques at the IFF Magdeburg. His fields of applied research projects are associated with themes of Logistics, Simulation, Operations Research, Discrete Optimisation and 3D-Computer Visualisation. He was the project Co-ordinator of several nationally funded and EC-funded projects of applied research in the IT-area (e.g. ESPRIT 9600 ISIS, COPERNICUS'94 cop.312 AMCAI and COPERNICUSí98 PL976012 DAMAC-HP).

Prof. Dr. Habil. Sc. ing Leonid Novitsky

Scientific degrees: Promotion, Dr. Sc. ing., 1980; Habilitation, Dr. Hb. Sc. ing., 1990; Latvian State Professor, 1998.
Deputy director in the IT-solutions and head of the department of Applied Software Systems at Riga Technical University. He is the author of 114 publications. He was involved in the EC INCO COPERNICUS 94 AMCAI project as manager of the WP related to Data Processing Systems Design (1995-1997) and in the DAMAC-HP project (1998-2000) as the scientific co-ordinator. He is a member of Scientific Council awarding Dr.Sc.comp. degrees in the field of information systems and software engineering; a member of the International Association of Advanced Computing in Education (AACE), USA; a member of the Liophant Simulation Society (Italy) and a member of the Latvian branch of IFAC.

Prof., Yuri Merkuryev

Yuri Merkuryev is Habilitated Doctor of Engineering, Professor of the Institute of Information technology at Riga Technical University, Head of the Department of Modelling and Simulation. His professional interests include a methodology and practical implementation of discrete-event simulation, supply chain modelling and management, and education in the areas of modelling, simulation and logistics management. He is Programme Director of the curriculum "Industrial Logistics Management" at Riga Technical University. Prof Merkuryev has wide experiences in performing research and educational projects in the simulation area, at both national and European levels. He regularly participates in organising international conferences in the simulation area. For instance, he is Track Chair for "Simulation in Logistics, Traffic and Transport" at annual European Simulation Symposia. Prof. Merkuryev has about 180 scientific publications, including 2 books. He is a Board member of the European Council of the Society for Computer Simulation International, President of the Latvian Simulation Society, and Board member of the Latvian Transport Development and Education Association.

Prof. Dr. Habil. Sc. ing. Henrikas Pranevicius

Scientific degrees: Habilitation, Dr., 1984 (Institute of electronic and computers of Latvian Academy of Sciences); Promotion, Ph.D., 1970 (Kaunas Polytechnic Institute). Position held: Head of Department of Business Informatics at Kaunas University of Technology (KUT). Area of research activity: The use of formal methods to develop discrete-event simulation models; Validation and verification of simulation models; Knowledge-based simulation; Simulation of manufacturing and of transport systems. Honours, Awards: President of Baltic Operational Research Society; Governor of the International Council for Computer Communication (ICCC).

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