Multi-level simulation of logistics processes at the Baltic Container Terminal

Yuri Merkuryev*, Vladimir Bardatchenko*, Andrey Solomennikov*,
and Fred Kamperman**

* Department of Modelling and Simulation
Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia,

** Baltic Container Terminal, Ltd., Riga, Latvia


The paper discusses development of a simulation model of logistics processes at the Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) that operates at the Riga Freeport. The presented research is performed within the BALTPORTS-IT project "Simulation and IT-Solutions: Applications in the Baltic Port Areas of the Newly Associated States" of the IST Programme of the European Commission. The simulation model considers operation of the terminal at 3 different levels, related to (1) container transportation between BCT and its partner ports (i.e., movements of ships), (2) processing vessels at the terminal quay, and (3) processing containers at the terminal. This allows control of terminal resources at 3 different levels, i.e., the port level, the quay level, and the level of terminal technical resources.


Prof., Yuri Merkuryev

Yuri Merkuryev is Habilitated Doctor of Engineering, Professor of the Institute of Information technology at Riga Technical University, Head of the Department of Modelling and Simulation. His professional interests include a methodology and practical implementation of discrete-event simulation, supply chain modelling and management, and education in the areas of modelling, simulation and logistics management. He is Programme Director of the curriculum "Industrial Logistics Management" at Riga Technical University. Prof Merkuryev has wide experiences in performing research and educational projects in the simulation area, at both national and European levels. He regularly participates in organising international conferences in the simulation area. For instance, he is Track Chair for "Simulation in Logistics, Traffic and Transport" at annual European Simulation Symposia. Prof. Merkuryev has about 180 scientific publications, including 2 books. He is a Board member of the European Council of the Society for Computer Simulation International, President of the Latvian Simulation Society, and Board member of the Latvian Transport Development and Education Association.

Bardatchenko Vladimir (1947)

Dr. eng. at Riga Technical University (with a doctoral thesis in Informatics), later had been employed as a docent at the same university. For around 10 years has taken position of analyst in several commercial companies as well as in institutions taking part in the PHARE programme. Starting from 2001 is being a leading analyst of the Baltports-IT project.

Solomennikov Andrey (1980)

B. Sc. Economics and Business Administration at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, in the meanwhile Master student at the Norwegian University of Agriculture in Latvia. Formerly a research analyst at the Institute of Economics of Latvian Academy of Sciences. Starting from 2001 is being an assisting analyst of the Baltports-IT project.

Fred Kamperman

Graduated in 1973 from Higher Nautical College (university level) and started career at sea as a deck officer. The period from 1977 until 1990 spent at different terminals (multi purpose and container terminals) in the Port of Rotterdam in charge of Terminal Management Operations and Engineering. During 1991-1996 was Operations Manager of Freeport Terminal Malta, responsible for daily operations, terminal set up, in respect of training of workforces, implementing procedures extending quay, yard, equipment and increasing productivity levels to recognized high levels. Since 1997 until today is Terminal Manager at Baltic Container Terminal LTD in Riga, responsible for development of terminal in all respects (workforces, engineering, IT). During this period is consequently involved in 2 projects, DAMAC-HP and BALTPORTS-IT, funded by the European Commission, covering simulation and information systems design aspects with applications in Latvian ports.

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