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Building a ship is, by the fact, building a whole series of plants whose realization involves the whole enterprise and every phase of production.
It means the creation of production milestones that it is important to reach in the right time.
Our informative system starts from data extract from electronic databases built by Fincantieri - Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A. - Shipbuilding Division - Genoa, about all designs and activities that have to be realized in the making of a modern ship.
It is called ProSim, that means Project Manager Simulator, and follows step by step the realization of a naval plant that is very difficult to manage because of its peculiarity: the conditioning plant.
Nowadays design activities concerning this plant are mostly realized by the same dealer that sells machinery, according to the modern tendency of letting out on contract the making of peculiar activities: this means that there must be a continuous flow of information and materials throughout different industries to the shipowner.
ProSim is the modern device that realizes this connection, allowing to control and correct the respect of materials delivery and times of production according to resources.

Advanced Techniques for the Project Management Support.

Work order planning is an indispensable activity for the making of a competitive product. It may be profitably organized and managed by using intelligent informative systems.
A concrete example of this statement is the project management simulator, ProSim, realized by the Engineering Students Matteo Brandolini and Chiara Briano for Fincantieri- Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A.- Shipbuilding Division- Genoa. It is a software device for risk analysis concerning a naval work order that is beyond construction at Riva Trigoso Yard - Genoa, and, with more precision, dedicated to the realization of one of the main naval plants on the new Logistic Support Unit: the conditioning plant.
ProSim, which is however feasible to any other kind of plant, is an innovative device. It creates, for the first time in Italian shipbuilding, a continuity between the activities concerning a precise problem, from design to realization, to tests, to delivery, in a way across the whole enterprise.
It represents, besides, the first attempt of informative management of a complex and not repetitive work order such as the naval one. This project is the winner of International Meeting ICAMES '96, held in Bogaziši University, Istanbul, on May 11th to 17th .
Advisor :   Prof.Agostino G.Bruzzone
Coordinator:Alberto Devoti
Speaker:    Stefano Moretti
Team        Matteo Brandolini,
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