Concurrent Engineering




Concurrent Engineering

Concurrent Engineering (CE)

CE & TQM Links

Who is using CE?

Other Way to Say CE

Different Names for CE

Feed-Back & Product Development Life Cycle

Changes vs. Costs

CE Benefits

Fundamentals of CE

CE Square Stone

Benefits & Specifity in CE

How to introduce CE in Companies

CE vs. Tradition

CE & Multidisciplinary Task Force

Multidisciplinary Aspects in Projects

CE & Simulation

Modelling & Simulation in Project Management

Project as Virtual World

Distributed Operativity in PM

Team Working & Human Resources

Business Process Re-Eng.: Distributed Reality

Informatic Infrastructures

Improving Quality: Off-Line Systems

Improving Quality: On-Line Systems

Revenues & Profits

Project Costs

Changes in Drawing during Design

Costs & Times Comparisons

Costs & Design

Evolution Process in Efficiency Techniques

Goals as an Evolving Target

Evolution requires Time

Quality Strategies

Comparison USA, Japan, Europe

QFD in Japan Industry


Conscious CE vs. Unconscious CE

CALS Initiative by DoD in USA

Hi-Tech Industry in Nord America

Nord American Automotive Industry

European Automotive Industry

Applicative Samples of CE & Users

CE Examples: Tools…..

CE: Examples:…. & Problems


Concurrent Engineering (CE) & Project Management: New Powerfull Synergy

Why Virtual Reality in Project Management?

Development of a Gas Turbine Power Plant by Using Virtual Reality

CE in Bulk Terminal Project

Concurrent Engineering in Developing Port Terminal Project

Results Provided by the CE Application to Terminal Design

Sinergy Quality Safety & Environment


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