SCSC2003 Abstract S81371

The Antic 2 training multi agent simulation system

The Antic 2 training multi agent simulation system

Submitting Author: Mr. Samuel Morisset

Multi agent system (MAS) methodologies (GAIA, Cassiopeia, etc…) take as a starting point a list of goals, functionalities, behaviours, entities, structures related to the final application goals. We propose an approach where modelling those prerequisites is integrated into the methodological process. For this approach our needs are to model the contextual domain, the objectives and the dynamics of a firemen officer training session. This model serves as a basis to develop a multi-agent architecture and a scenario language.

This approach responds to the needs expressed by firemen officers in the Antic 2 project. The problematic of the antic 2 project was to conceive a simulator functioning like a role playing game, based on their training methods. This project would have the following characteristics:
– Possibility to induce predefined events into the simulation (play scenario).
– Possibility to add new scenarios to the simulator.
– Possibility to configure a training session.
– Management of multimedia briefing and debriefing.

This project requires high level of specification and representation, and interoperability between the MAS and its users. It is a perfect case study to experiment the methods of representation by ontology, of scenario events specification, and of specification of agents and their actions (MAS).

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