SIREN: Advanced Simulation Professional Courses

These professional courses are organized for International professionists interested in Advanced Simulation topics; these courses are organized with scientific coordination of MITIM DIPTEM, Simulation Team and Liophant.
The courses include lecturing and exercises to be completed; teachers are world-wide experts with several years of activity in this field from major execellence centers (i.e. DIPTEM, Liophant, MITIM, ).
The class size is designed for 5/15 participants; the courses are held in Professional Course Site (Bergeggi, SV, Italy) or directly in industrial partner facility.

Special conditions and price are available for multiple registrations.
For further information please contact, Fax +39 019 221 0350, or visit the M&S Courses Web Site

The Advanced Simulation courses are oriented to programmers, developers, simulationists, project engineers and researchers.
The attendees are expected to have some background in M&S and in fundamentals of computer science.

The course packages includes CD-ROM, slide hardcopy, additional specialist material, Demostrations & Exercises; the courses include:

Advanced Modules in Modelling and Simulation

These courses are intended to describe specific and advanced topics as well as new lines of research in M&S. A focus will be dedicated also to Standards that have a particular importance in a M&S world that is moving into interoperable and netcentric frameworks. The courses include the following modules:

  • Standards for interoperable and netcentric frameworks (i.e. IEEE1278, IEEE1516)
  • Simulation Fidelity
  • Simulation Requirements
  • Risk Assessment in Simulation Initiatives
  • Measures in M&S (MOM, MOE, MOP)
  • Computer Generated Forces (CGF)
  • Modeling Human Behavior
  • Human Behavior Model VV&A
  • VV&A of Legacy Systems
  • VV&A of New Simulations
  • SME (Subject Matter Experts) in M&S
  • Accreditation Agent in VV&A
  • V&V Agent in VV&A
  • User in VV&A
  • M&S Standards, Policies and Organizations
  • Serious Games
  • Modeling Non-Kinetic and Asymmetric Scenarios
  • Logistics Simulation
  • SBA (Simulation Based Acquisition)

  • Siren Courses

    Liophant Simulation
    DIPTEM University of Genoa
    Simulation Team
    McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling and Simulation, Simulation Team, Genoa Center

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