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Logistics and Manufacturing

July 19-22, 1998
John Ascuaga's Nugget Hotel
Reno, Nevada 


The Summer Computer Simulation  Conference this year will be organized on Rhino, Nevada in the middle of July, this will be the 30th edition of this famous event.
Summer Simulation Conference will host a track in Logistics and Manufacturing in order to present the state of art in modelling in the sector.

Some Possible Topics & Applications:

Deadlines and Requirements for Paper Submission

Extended abstracts  or draft papers are due to arrive at  the Track Chair by February 15, 1998
Abstract Submission 15 February 1998
Acceptance  Notification 5 March 1998
Please send the material directly to track chair at the following address:

Agostino Bruzzone
McLeod Institute of Simulation Science
via C.Colombo 68/3
17109 Varazze
Tel +39 19 97 398
Fax +39 19 97 600
Email: agostino@itim.unige.it
Only original papers, written in English, which have not previously been published elsewhere will be accepted.

 For Further Information:
Track Chair
Agostino G.Bruzzone
MISS - University of Genoa
via C.Colombo 68/3 
17019 Varazze, Italy
Tel +39 19 97 398
Fax +39 19 97 600