WILD Project Budget: Costs and Investments

WILD Project Budget: Costs and Investments

WILD Project Costs and Investements was supported by MIUR (former MURST) and WILD Partners (Genoa University, L'Aquila University, Milan Polytechnic, Salerno University, Bari Polytechnic, Naples University and Florence University)

Personnel Effort & Other Costs

IdAffiliationWILD Role WILD I Effort [Man Months]WILD I Other Costs [kEuro]WILD II Effort [Man Months]WILD II Other Costs [kEuro]Total Effort [Man Months]Total Other Costs [kEuro]
DIPGenoa Univ.Coordinator 70954072110167
DEL'Aquila Univ.Member 5036613211168
DIGMilan Pol.Member 12810611642244148
DIMECSalerno Univ.Member 49626549114111
DIMEGBari Pol.Member 6550583312383
DPGINaples Univ.Member 6070----6070
SITIDEFlorence Univ.Member 364442327876
ALLWILD PartnershipTOTAL 458463382260840723


IdAffiliationWILD Role WILD I Internal[MEuro]WILD I External [MEuro]WILD II Internal [MEuro]WILD II External[MEuro]Total Interal Investment [MEuro]Total External Investment [MEuro]Total Investment [MEuro]
DIPGenoa Univ.Coordinator 1.300.100.740.
DEL'Aquila Univ.Member 0.310.040.380.030.690.070.76
DIGMilan Pol.Member 0.790.110.720.041.510.151.66
DIMECSalerno Univ.Member 0.300.060.400.050.710.110.82
DIMEGBari Pol.Member 0.810.050.360.
DPGINaples Univ.Member 0.370.07----0.370.070.44
SITIDEFlorence Univ.Member
ALLWILD PartnershipTOTAL 4.110.462.860.266.970.727.70

WILD Budget
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