Modelling & Simulation for Biomedical Systems

Acronym: A13-07

Teachers: Agostino Bruzzone (DIME), Pierluigi Santi (DISC), Marco Frascio (DISC)


Hours: 24

Credits: 6

Abstract. The course devoted to create Problem Solving Skills based on M&S to be applied to Biomedical Systems.

Program Techniques and Modelling Approaches for BioMedical System Analysis: moving from static models to dynamic simulation. Criteria for evaluating the different alternatives in term of layout design, process definition and management policies: performance analysis, quality of Service, economic evaluations. Models applied to real Case Study and validation of different methodological approaches with estimation of achievable improvements in the sector. Development and Analysis of Computer Models: statistical and dynamic verification and validation, experimental design in biomedical systems. The course includes lectures and exercises in classroom with cooperative and competitive team working involving sector experts; it includes also the use of simulation models in experimental case and the development of simulations related to biomedical systems. The coruse includes also the tours and visit in real Biomedical Facilities.

Supported by:
  • Simulation Team
  • M&S Net
  • McLeod Institute of Simulation Science
  • Liophant Simulation
  • Simulation Team, MITIM DIME University of Genoa
  • DISC University of Genoa
  • DIMS PhD Program
  • DICMI University of Genoa
  • DIPTEM University of Genoa



    E-Learning: M&S for Biomedical Systems

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    Period and Schedule: si prevede una prima giornata di incontro con gli studenti interessati, mirata a presentare gli elementi del corso e fissare definitivamente l'orario ed il luogo delle lezioni. Il Calendario dell'attuale edizione del Corso e' qui disponibile. Come nota storica, la prima edizione si tenne il giorno 8/05/2007 alle 12.00.

    Where: Sala Simulation Team Savona Campus, Via Cadorna 2, 17100 Savona, Italy - Simulation Lab, via Opera Pia 15, 16145 Genova, Italy

    Exam: oral.

    Notes. Language: lectures in Italian/English. Requirements: no prerequisites, however the attendees are expected to have cultural interest in M&S, and computer use. Course Mode: lectures and case studies.