* Roberto Mosca

Roberto Mosca is Full Professor of "Industrial Plants Management" and "Economy and Business Organization" at the DIP (Department of Industrial Production & Engineering, former Institute of Technology and Mechanical Plants), University of Genoa. He has worked in the simulation sector since 1969 using discrete and stochastic industrial simulators for off_line and on_ line applications.
His research work focuses on the evaluation of simulation languages and new modeling techniques and his research team is developing new AI applications for industrial plant management. Currently he is directly involved as coordinator in the construction of a new campus in Savona, focused on industrial engineering. He was Director of ITIM (Institute for Technology, Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing, Istituto di Tecnologie ed Impianti Meccanici), DIP (Department of Industrial Production, Dipartimento di Ingegneria della Produzione) and DIPEM (Department of Industrial Production, Engineering and Mathematical Modelling), Dipartimento di Ingegneria della Produzione e Modelli Matematici) in Genoa University.
Currently he is Director of DIPTEM (Department of Industrial Production, Technology, Engineering and Modelling), Dipartimento di Ingegneria della Produzione, Termotecnica e Modelli Matematici) in University of Genoa.

Roberto Mosca
DIPTEM University of Genoa
via Cadorna 2
17100 Savona, Italy
Tel +39 010 353 2883 / +39 019 264 555
Fax +39 010 317 750 / +39 019 264 558
Email roberto@itim.unige.it
URL http://st.itim.unige.it/itim/people/mosca.html

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