Francesca Vio

She earned the diploma in Logistics and Industrial Engineering (3 years + thesis) in the 1995 and the degree in Management Engineering (5 years + thesis) in 1999.

Her diploma thesis title was "Planning Optimization for Cleaning Operation in Savona Town" and the research involved the development of an integrated tool for supporting the cleaning planning in Savona town (100,000 inhabitants); the system architecture included a simulation model and an AI optimizer based on Genetic Algorithms implemented in C/C++.
T he application of the system improved 30% the efficiency of the planning without requiring further investments.

The degree thesis title was "MACS: Layout Re-engineering for an Automotive Component Production Facility"; the topic was analysis and Re-engineering of a real factory with new processes and new available areas; the project included the development of the software package MACS (Manufacturing & Assembling Computer Simulation).
Two simulation models (MACS mk.1 new process integration, MACS mk.2 General Layout Analysis) have been used for this problem and implemented in JAVA for direct access from company users by Intranet; a GA Layout Reorganizer has been developed and integrated with MACS; preliminary results present a 60% improvement in the internal logistics respect current situation.

She had experiences in projects applied to service, logistics and manufacturing and she completed stages and work experiences in different companies such as: API Lockheed (Automotive Component Manufacturing), ATA (environmental public company), BST (maritime services), etc.
She is working as consultant in Dappolonia Genova.

She is quite expert in the engineering techniques & methodologies and she had very good experiences using Information Technologies:

  • Office Package: Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Word
  • Internet/Intranet: WWW, Browser, Email, FTP
  • Languages: Java, C/C++, Pascal



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