Industrial USA 1

NCS, Orlando, FL USA

September 30 - October 18, 2002

The IEPAL Industrial Module organized by Priscilla Elfrey (NCS) several USA Companies and Projects, operating in modelling in Orlando, including:
Silicon Graphics
Silicon Graphics Project on Governamental Initiative Market Analysis Lele Costa (I), R.La Greca (F)
Dynamics Research Corporation
Dynamics Research Corporation Project on Ontology of Shuttle Systems, Plants & Parts, Mission and Crew in DAML of DARPA N.Apitz(G), E.Mantero (I), G.Zacharewicz(F)
Internet Science and Technology Fair Project on Feasibility Analysis of European application of HiTech Development Programs P.Bouche (F), F.Oliva (I), M.Sperl (G)
Veridian VR Lab Visit All
Camber Company Tour All
AEgis Company Tour All

The European Students was involved in projects in these Companies. The IEPAL teams attending the 1st USA Industrial Module (I-USA1) are composed as follows:

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