Enrico Mantero

He was a student of Management Engineering from Genoa University.
In may 2000 he participate to the international symposium in Instanbul ICAMES 2000 with his project "GILA - General Integrated Locomotive Administrator".
From october 2000 to january 2001 he visited as Erasmus student the Department of Modelling & Simulation in Riga Technical University (Latvia) working on Modeling & Simulation using LORD package for Supply Chain Management.
He was involved in a re-engineering project for a mechanical constructor company of Savona Area.
He was involved in many initiatives as student leader such as student representative and free-time organizer.
His thesis was focusing on Intelligent Negotiation applied to WILD project.
He was a co-author of the paper "A General Purpose System for Supporting Transportation System Re-Engineering" presented on HMS2000 workshop (Portofino October 2000). In 2002 he attended to an IEPAL industrial experience, working in Voltri Terminal Europe, a PSA Company, for strategic consulting in a team composed by Italians and USA master students.
In autumn 2002 he completed his IEPAL experience in USA with an Academic Module in UCF and an Industrial Module in Dynamics Research Corporation during 2002 autumn.
He had experiences on bunker trading working Internationally. He worked on shipping in Principaute` de Monaco and London

Enrico Mantero
Genova, Italy
Mobile 348 8400251 - Email emantero@yahoo.it

First Day in Thesis Development: Enrico Mantero with his Advisor Agostino Bruzzone


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